Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September Favourites!

Hey girls!

As it is now the 8th of October I feel like it is the perfect time to share my September Favourites with you all. I know it's as cliche as it gets but I cannot believe how fast September went! But now in my head, it is officially acceptable to be excited about Christmas... and that I am. Christmas is my favourite time of the year by far; snow, hot chocolate, winter clothes, bed, Christmas films... aaaah yes please!

anyway enough of my childish rambling.. onto the favourites!

Here they are in all their glory
Lets start with my skincare favourites. You may or may not know that I used to suffer from really bad acne from the age 12-17, and alongside this acne came ridiculously oily skin, so oily that I had to powder every 15 minutes. I tried countless face washes and moisturisers that claimed to mattify and rid your skin of oil but was never satisfied.. until recently. I discovered Boots Botanics skincare range. Within this glorious range is a set of  products named 'SHINE AWAY' that genuinely work... hallelujah!  I start my day by washing my face with the Mattifying Foam Face Wash that claims to 'cleanse, clarify and reduce excess oil'... and that it does! I then go onto my usual moisturiser before taking the Mattifying Gel Cream from the Botanics range. These two products combined create the perfect matte base for my makeup.

Staying on the topic off mattifying products, my current foundation is my next September favourite .Rimmel's 'Stay Matte Mousse' in the colour 100 Ivory is my ultimate holy grail foundation. It offers medium to full coverage which is the first reason why I LOVE it. But also, the mousse texture means it gives a complete matte finish which is my aim in all foundations going back to my oily skin point i made earlier. The only downside is, is the limited amount of shades. I believe that 100 is the palest shade and it isn't that pale, so for all you porcelain girls out there, this foundation may not be for you!

 Another of my favourites this month, and ever is Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in the shade 001 Transparent. I SWEAR by this powder, it is my actual life saver. 9 times out of 10 it keeps me shine free all day, but if not, it is always there to rid me of that unwanted pesky oil. My next favourite goes hand in hand with the powder. I use the Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush to pat my powder onto my skin. This brush picks up the perfect amount of product and really pushes it into the skin. As it is angled it can fit into all the nooks of my face like the edges of my nose and under my eyes.

My next favourite is actually my first ever ELF purchase. I was in TK Maxx just looking round the beauty counters and stumbled across this ELF mineral blush in the shade 'PINK' (very imaginative name) at the small price of £3.99; the lovely flushed pink colour and that cheap price meant I just couldn't resist. And I am so glad I bought it because it is simply amazing!

Keeping with the bargain theme, my next favourite was just that. There is a discounted beauty shop near where I am from which I regularly visit to see if I can pick up any gems for cheaper than their RRP. And I definitely did here. I found a Becca Jewel Dust for just £4. That's right, just £4! The colour makes my brown eyes just pop! It's lovely, go get it you brown eyed girls!

Sticking on the eyeshadow theme, I have been loving the Sleek 594 eye shadow palette. It's full of blues and purples and greens, which is completely out of my comfort zone but I've not looked back since, I'm infatuated by it! 

Shall we move onto lipsticks? Yes I think we shall. I have one lipstick from the 'high end' and one from the 'high street'. Now I have always loved Topshop's makeup but after discovering this lip liner and lip stick duo I love it even more. I'm unsure of the lip liners name but it is a perfect match for the lipstick 'Drive', a perfect autumnal berry colour that can be dressed down or dressed up. Either way I love it!

My second lipstick favourite is the ever so famous MAC 'Snob'. I wear this lipstick most days as it is THE perfect daytime pinky-nude colour. I find that it really flatters my skin tone and doesn't wash me out in the slightest. It isn't just for day time either, I wore it for my Sixth-Form Leavers Ball and dressed it up with my eye makeup.

And my final September Favourite is a shower gel.. weird I know but if you could smell it you would totally understand. It is the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry scent and my word, it smells unbelievable. I actually get excited about the prospect of using it. It smells of a sweet but I can't figure out which one, so go out and buy it and let me know which sweet it smells of in the comments please! (and become obsessed with the scent too!)

That's the end of my September Favourites, I hope you enjoyed this post, and September! Have a lovely night and a lovely October!

Hannah xx

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