Friday, 8 May 2015

Comfort over Fashion

As you all know, I've been shopping for my holiday that's on the horizon recently and I was in desperate need of some new sandals.. So off I went to the likes of Topshop and River Island and to my honest surprise I found nothing. I didn't really find any I liked that much to justify spending the £20+ on a pair of sandals that I would wear for a week. 

So anyway, whilst I was in Primark I was just browsing the shoe section and came across some Birkenstock style sandals. I've never really fully decided if I am Pro-Birkenstock or Anti-Birkenstock as I'm aware they are very Marmite. I do think they can look really nice if they're styled well. But anyway I wasn't going to try them on until I saw someone else trying them on and noticed how amazing they looked on her. And my god am I glad I tried them on as they are THE comfiest shoes I have ever worn.

It feels like you're putting your foot on a cloud, I'm kid you not. They had quite a few styles and colours available but I went for the black pair with gold hardware and with the little thing between the toes (no idea what you call it so thing between the toes will suffice) as I feel like it offers a bit more support, but their was a simple slide on style also. 

The one thing I did notice whilst trying on was that I had to size down not one, but two sizes so just bear that in mind. I'm usually a size 7 but ended up leaving with a size 5.

I liked them so much so that I then went back to Primark whilst shopping the next day to pick up the coral colour with silver hardware in the exact same style. I can see these two sandals being a huge staple in my summer wardrobe! 

And the best part? I believe they were only £5 each! Bargain! 

Comfort 1-1 Fashion!

Hannah xxx

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  1. Those are so pretty I've been wanting a pair of Birkenstocks for a while! What a great alternative and they do look pretty comfy, they're amazing for £5.