Monday, 18 May 2015

Holly Grail Hand Cream

If you don't already know, I suffer from dry hands real bad and I'm constantly on the look out for a hand cream to help me. I always stick to drugstore hand creams because I go through them so fast that I can't justify spending a lot of money on hand creams that I'll use up pretty much straight away. 

I used to swear by Garnier Intensive Restoring Hand Cream as I found that it gets to work straight away and soothes the agitation I get from dry hands. It retails at £3.99 which I thought was really good.. Until I came across this new gem!

If you can't already tell from the infamous star logo; this hand cream is from SuperDrug. I intended on going in and picking up the Garnier one and leaving within 2 minutes (obviously paying too don't shoot me), but my eyes were drawn to Superdrug's own range of hand creams for three reasons, the colours of the times, the eye catching writing and most importantly the 99p price tag! 

There was a couple of creams in the range in different coloured tubes that all claimed to do combat something different but I decided to go for the blue packaging that claimed to Soften and Smooth hands, which is what I always need. It is also described as 'intensive' which is an adjective that I commonly look for in lotions, so I was instantly sold on it from the minute I saw 99p!

Whilst looking through the ingredients which are all good by the way! (she's butter obviously makes an appearence which is always good in a hand cream!) I came across the little jumping rabbit logo which can only mean one thing: cruelty free. So that was the final thing for me, I instantly found myself strolling over to the tills to buy this gem and take it home with me. 

I'm so glad that I did aswell as it is honesty one of the best hand creams I've used! It does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube whatever) and it doesn't just offer short term relief but it lasts all day long. I used to find myself thinking I need some hand cream and I need it now, especially with my job, but that panic is long gone! 

It's so good, I went out and bought two more to stock up with as I hate running out of hand cream!

I 110% recommend this, and for 99p there really is no harm in trying it out for yourself! 

Hannah xxx

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