Monday, 4 May 2015

High Street Shopping Rant

So with the bank holiday I obviously took my time off work to go shopping. And whilst going said shopping I noticed a few things that really annoy me about high street shopping.

I feel like many of you will be able to relate with a lot of the issues that I am going to spit out in the form of a rant any second now:

1. THE DIFFERENCES IN SIZE! I'm not even sorry for my virtual shouting, this infuriates me. I will use my example from today. I was on the hunt for a pair of denim shorts. Now I will admit that I already hate this task as I have chunky thighs and never feel comfortable in denim shorts. But anyway, I tried New Look first. Not much to say other than Camel Toe Galore. So that was a no. Next up was H&M. I always have issues with sizing in H&M. I can be a 12 in one shop, and a 14 in another. I can deal with that. I couldn't even fit a pair of size 14 shorts over my calves in H&M! Absolutely ridiculous. I ended up finding a pair that fit perfectly in the place that I had ruled out from the start on the basis that they would probably sell shorts that would make me look like a sixteen year old going to their first party: Primark. I was so surprised at a) how many different styles and cuts were on offer and b) how well they fit, and for just £13! 

2. The layouts. There is one thing that really bugs me whilst shopping, and I don't know whether it's the norm or a slight case of OCD but the layout or lack of layout in most shops gets to me. Gone are the days where they would have a section for dresses, a section for jeans and so on. Now you can find a top amongst the bloody homeware section. I understand that it's probably a marketing stunt but it just makes the experience so difficult. You can go into a shop for one thing and it can take half a flipping day trying to find it! Angers me.

3. Pricing. Now it might just be me that feels like the prices are rising to unjustifiable prices. I think we can all agree that Topshop is the main culprit. I always go in and see a really nice piece, pick it up to only put back down in horror after seeing the price. Followed by asking the person I am with to 'Guess how much that top is! Go on guess!' And I can guarantee you all will also think, 'I bet I can find that in Primark for half the price'.

4. Miserable staff. This one will probably wind all of you that work in retail right up and I don't mean to offend anyone but seriously, some retail staff are so miserable it actually confuses me. Like how can someone find it so hard to crack a smile?! Or say hello?! The one I find that they really struggle with is Thankyou, I mean that's just asking too much from most (let me just emphasise the most before you all bite my head off) retail staff! I also work in a customer based job and no matter how much of a bad day I've had I always manage to keep a conversation going, it's really not that hard; and as you've most likely gathered from this post, I can be a little moody bitch at times. If I can do it, everyone can!

5. Children. Again, a controversial one. Don't get me wrong, I love kids (in a non peadophilic way) as much as the next person. Well behaved and not annoying kids that is. I hate it when children who are clearly going to grow up to be a first class moron run around the shop screaming, getting in your way, tripping you up and make a mess of everything you want to look at it. All whilst their parents are no where to be seen! Where's SuperNanny when you need her.

Anyway I'm going to stop my ranting joe before my blood pressure goes through the roof. 

Let me know if you agree with any of my points. I really hope you do so I don't seem like a miserable cow!

Hannah xxx


  1. I agree with all of these! I hate buying jeans because of the weird sizing. I can only buy primark jeans or the joni ones from Topshop otherwise I can't get my thighs in them. I'm with you on miserable staff too, it always puts me in a bad mood

    1. I'm the same with jeans! I used to never wear them because I found them too restricting but Primark's new high waisted ones are the only ones I can wear!

      It's not hard to crack a smile is it!
      We're so miserable ahaha x