Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Let's Get Deep (Inside Our Pores)

After being sick and tired of my skin feeling sick and tired, I decided to venture into the unknown and buy my first ever charcoal face mask. I've heard so many good stuff about said face masks but I had never tried one myself and I really don't know why looking back! I didn't want one that would break the bank incase I didn't end up seeing the hype so I stayed safe with Boots' own.

I picked up their 'Tea Tree and Witch Hazel with active Charcoal' face mask that claims to be a 'intense deep cleanse' which is exactly what I needed. 

My skin constantly felt clogged and tight and nothing was seeming to help. I don't know whether the air con at work is the cause or whether my skin is just clogged to the brim, but either way I am sick of it.

So I immediately got home and applied this face mask. It advises an even layer of the mask but I added slightly more to my nose and cheek area as that is where I feel the tightness the most. It also advised a 15 minute time frame but again, being the rebel that I evidently am, left it on for about half an hour as I needed a really intense cleanse. And an intense cleanse is what I got. I would only say leave it on for half an hour if you were like me and felt it was necessary as the next time I used it I stuck to the 15 minutes and that was perfect. 

                 (Don't I look nice!)

So all you do is leave it on for your chosen time, go about your day and then wash it off!

What I really liked about this mask, besides how well it worked, was how soothing it is. You can 100% feel the Tea Tree as your skin feels tingly but good tingly because of how soothing and cool the mask feels.

Once I washed the mask off, I went ahead and moisturised but my skin already felt and looked amazing and it was all down to the mask. It left my skin feeling clean and looking bright. I also found that my makeup applied a lot nicer and didn't stick to dry patches or crack which is something I struggle with usually.

I tend to use this about twice a week but I've fallen in love with it. Yes I've fallen in love with a charcoal face mask. I know.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with troubled and clogged skin!

Hannah xxx

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