Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Blast of the Past

As I work 5 days a week (including most Saturdays!) I like to cherish my days off and do things I wouldn't normally do. 

So yesterday me and my boyfriend decided to go to the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle. This museum just reminds me of my childhood so much, I used to love going here when I was younger. It's basically a museum that documents the past, from wild animals to the Egyptians; you name it. 
Now this post could become quite controversial for the reason that the museum does hold some stuffed animals, which I know some people disagree with so I am sorry if this offends you in anyway. 

There are two parts of the museum that I remember from my childhood. The first was a section laid out like Noah's Ark to show us what animals used to exist and where there habitat was, along with the animals that we all know and love today. 

The second part has quite a funny memory attached to it. I remember a big glass case full of all different types of spiders (obviously they weren't alive thank god!). My grandpa absolutely hates spiders to the point where he wouldn't even go near this section of the museum! So me and my brother decided to buy a plastic spider from the gift shop and that night we put it on our grandpas pillow and eventually heard a very feminine scream come from him! 

So I when I arrived yesterday for the first time in years, I was a bit disappointed that it had all changed! But it is still an amazing museum nontheless. 

As you arrive, you walk into this huge hall dedicated to all the wild animals that grace our amazing world. Now some of these animals were stuffed, but I personally find it amazing that we can get the chance to see these animals. 

I mean how amazing is that! Now as we worked our way around the museum we ended up on a balcony upstairs which meant we were directly opposite these wild animals which was so incredible! 

So after the first room, we walked through to the section all about fossils and sea creatures. But the most amazing part of this room was the huge dinosaur skeleton. I couldn't quite get over how amazing it was to be stood so close to a real dinosaur skeleton. 
Next to each artefact was a plaque of facts about the animal.. These were so interesting to read.

We then moved on to the exhibition all about Ancient Egypt. I was blown away by this part as right infront of me was an actual Mummy. It's hard to think that mummifying was a real procedure years and years ago and reading all about it yesterday was insane. 

The next section was probably my favourite. It was entitled 'Natural Northumbria' which made me love it even more as it was all about things that can be found or was once found in my home area. There was a super cute model of a little lamb that I actually 'aww'd out loud at.. But when you see it you probably will too!
Look at it!
There was also a gorgeous model of a swan, it was so beautifully presented and matched the elegance of the swan to the point.
 Also in this section there was some gorgeous, gorgeous butterflies. Just looking at them made me realise how incredible this earth is.

There was obviously loads of other sections in the museum but these ones were my favourite by far. And if I included them all this post would be so long so I just hand picked my favourite out of the lot.

I seriously love this museum and would recommend to anyone visiting/living in Newcastle!

Let me know if you've ever been and what your favourite parts out of the ones I mentioned are!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

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