Monday, 30 March 2015

What's in my Purse?

The 'What's in my...' Videos and blogposts are some of my favourite things to watch/read. I like to say it's because I get an insight into the person's life but others may say it's because I'm nosey. I figured that lots of you don't actually know that much about me so I thought I would do the 'What's in my Purse' post today so you can get to know me slightly more.

I should probably start off with showing you all my purse. I used to have a gorgeous snake skin print Kurt Geiger purse... But clumsy old Hannah somehow managed to get an ink stain on it. So I went on a hunt to find an equally pretty purse and stumble across this little beauty from Topshop.
I believe it was £16 but with my student discount I got it for slightly less. This brings me on to the first thing to show you in my purse:
Although I dropped out of university in December, I still hold onto my student card so I can still get all the discounts! (Is this wrong?) 
In the little section underneath this one I have my Holland and Barret points card for when I need to stock up on my vitamins etc.
I don't often shop in Holland and Barrett but I couldn't say no to a) a points card and b) this cute little squirrel!
In the section underneath this one I have my expired NUS card that I am hoarding for some reason?! I don't even know.
On the other side of the card section, I have all the exciting cards. I have a travel card that I top up with Euros whenever I go on holiday..I keep this in my purse so if don't lose it/to remind me of summer to boost my mood everyday!
As you can see, I have a Debenhams Beauty card peeping out there. This is quite similar to the Boots card as everytime you buy something, the points add up and can go towards your next purchase.

Underneath, I then have two gift cards that I received as presents. I have a Debenhams one and a River Island one. I still have all of the credit on the river island one but I only have about £2 left on the Debenhams card... BOOO.

Moving on to the bottom section of the card slots..
I have my Starbucks points card which is a lifesaver! Always there when I need a coffee lift. 
I then have my trustee Nandos card which I am not ashamed to say that I use probably more than the average person. What can I say? I love a good chicken thigh. The best part is.. I have two free meals on the card... HALLELUJAH!

In the best slot, I have probably my two favourite cards.. My Boots and SuperDrug cards. These get A LOT of use. I'm sure I have about £25 worth of points on Boots card. Do you think that's a bit excessive? 

Boots is my favourite out of the two I think. Anyone else? Or do you prefer SuperDrug? Let me know in the comments!

Moving on to my bank card. I have my trustee Santander card.. Which is constantly being whipped out and abusing my bank balance. 
Now onto the final section. 
I have my driving license which I have only just recently received after passing my test a few weeks back!
Let's all ignore the HORRENDOUS photo!

I then have my Body Shop Love Your Body card. 
I couldn't live without this.. The Body Shop is seriously like heaven for me. My favourite product is the Raspberry Body Butter. If you haven't smelt this, where have you been?! You NEED to get yourself to a store and get your nostrils on this one seriously!

So that's all of my cards in my purse! Anyone else have a running theme of points cards in your purse? I just can't help myself!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx


  1. I love the colour contrast of the purse! I'm also glad I'm not the only card hoarder in purses x

    Through New Eyes x

  2. That's what drew me to it! They did it in loads of different colours though. Oh god I know, I just feel like if I throw a card out ill end up needing it!