Wednesday, 18 March 2015

No7 Beautiful Skin "Dry Skin Rescue"

It's that time of year again where my skin becomes so horribly dry and patchy that no matter what skin care I try nothing seems to combat it.
I'm sure most of you can relate to this problem and, like me, have tried so many products to try and save your skin- and most likely failed in the process.
I recently had a voucher from Boots for £5 off No7 Skincare so I thought I would have a look at their products to see if nah claimed to help with severely dry skin. I came across a few products that caught my eye, but the 'Dry Skin Rescue' (RRP £12) was what caught my eye. 
I was drawn to the product for it's promises to 'relieve,soothe and visibly improve dry patches' as this is exactly what I was seeking. And after just a few days of using it, I can say that it does exacty what it says on the tube. 

The thick cream blends amazingly well into the skin and isn't sticky or greasy at all.. Once applied it is absorbed instantly. And the soothing and hydration is noticed immediately after application.

On the tube it says to apply at the beginning and end of the day which is what I did the first time of using it. I woke up with soft and glowing skin which was the first time in about a month for that so I was super happy! I applied the cream again after cleansing and before my makeup and again my skin just felt amazing. I was however worried that my skin would become oily thought the day due to the thickness of the cream and my oily T-Zone. My worries were correct as by lunchtime my makeup had started to slide off my face.

But this didn't put me off as the product itself has done wonders for my skin. So now I have gone back to using my hot grail Clarins Hydra-Quench moisturiser in the mornings and the No7 at night and they are the perfect pair!

I can't rave about this product enough and I would 100% recommend to anyone who suffers from really dry skin and in need of a bit of help!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx


  1. This sounds lovely, i have been using one of nivea's which has worked wonders x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Definitely give it a try! Especially with Boot's £5 off voucher at the minute! Let me know if you do! Ooo which Nivea one? X