Thursday, 19 March 2015

Primark Outfit of the Day!

So girls, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fully pledged Primark lover.

I don't see what's not to love: on trend pieces for a small price! Pretty much everything in Topshop can be found in Primark for less than half the price.. AMAZING!

So this morning, as it was my day off and I was actually doing something, I took the chance to scour my wardrobe to find pieces that I loved; and it just so happened that everything I chose to wear was from Primark itself.

I went for this grey roll neck poncho style knit that I just thought was a bit different. I love the colour and how loose and flowy it is... And I particularly liked the £5 price tag! I'll admit that I did pick it up whilst it was on sale, but even then it was only £10/£12 full price! However on this dog walk I did regret putting it on as I was boiling! 

My favourite piece of the whole outfit has to be my khaki trousers. Khaki is so my thing at the minute.. Anything khaki I will love. Guaranteed. I think it suits my skin tone really well and doesn't wash me out. I also have these trousers in black which just shows how much I love them! I find them so comfy and so versatile. You can dress them down like I did today.. But you can also dress them up which I have done a numerous amount of times. I believe they went for a steal at £12.

Finally, my shoes. These shoes are a staple in my wardrobe. I find them so easy to wear as they go with everything and anything. The snake pattern adds a bit of something different to them which is what drew me to them.. They stand out from other black pumps. I also love how they don't give me blisters which a lot of my Primark flats unfortunately do. Again, the price tag is another reason to love them as I am sure I got them for a lovely little £8!

In terms of whether you can still go pick them up, I am sure the jumper and trousers are still in stock as I saw them the other day, but the shoes I am not so sure about. However I am positive they will have some similar!

Go pick them up girls, you will not regret it!

Lots of love, 
Hannah xxx

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