Tuesday, 7 April 2015

4 Steps to Clean Makeup Brushes!

We all have different ways of doing it, and we all have to do it. I'm talking about cleaning our makeup brushes.. You know the process that seems to take so long but feels so good?

I've tried and tested a few ways over the years and I've finally found one that I feel actually cleanses the brushes to the point where they are 100% clean. And funnily enough, it's the simplest and cheapest way out of all the ones I tried!

The (not so) secret weapon is baby shampoo. I originally tried Johnsons baby shampoo and that worked fine, but I discovered that Boots' own version was cheaper and a lot better, so I wasn't complaining! 

So I'm going to share the ever so simple steps that occur when I clean my brushes.

1. I start by filling the sink up with warm water (obviously). 

2. I then wet my brush so that is more flexible. I go onto squirting a tiny bit of the baby shampoo onto my hand and basically massage the brush into the shampoo until the soap turns clear.

3. After each brush I rinse it out in the water and watch all the dirt flow out of it and turn the water a yucky brown colour. So disgusting yet sooo satisfying!

4. I obviously continue this process for each of my brushes, and once each one is done I lay it on some tissue paper and let any exess water drain out onto it by folding the paper over the brushes. I then leave to dry over night!

And voila! Super simple, super cheap, 4 step way to get your makeup brushes as clean as they'll ever be! 

Let me know how you clean your brushes or if you're like me and keep it basic!

Lots of love, 
Hannah xxx

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