Friday, 3 April 2015

5 Ways to be Happy!

I feel like I need to start this post with a disclaimer. I'm not saying that if you do all of these things you will instantly be happy, but I do think that if you bring them into your day to day life you will notice more positivity.

Happiness to me, is hands down the best emotion to feel. Nothing beats being genuinely happy, and I think that's partly because it is quite hard to be 100% happy. I'm talking, being in that moment happy, where it feels like all your worries have disappeared and nothing can go wrong. 

I'm going to share my 'adventure to happiness' shall we say. I'm not after sympathy or anything here, but I will say that I've been through a hell of a lot these past few months, which meant my happiness did take a slight back seat. 
However, do not fret! I am back on form, and here are 5 Steps on how I got here:

1. Don't look back, the past is the past and it's there for a reason. You can't bring it back or change it so you may aswell look forward. Focus on the future and learn from the past. It is easier said than done but you will get there and you will love yourself for it.

2. Smile. I know it sounds silly but smiling actually does make you feel good. It's easy to just feel sorry for yourself when you feel down but a simple smile can change that. Whether it's something you've done yourself that makes you smile, or a friend, or even just a stranger it will make you feel better about things and brighten your day.
                  (Ignore my fillings!)

3. Stop worrying! It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and believe that there is no way things can get better. But that is not the case. Things can and will get better. I myself am such a worrier so this one was a hard one for me. People were constantly saying 'don't worry about it!' And once I took their advice things instantly got better because I was focusing on other things.

4. Surround yourself with happy things. It is so important to spend time doing things you enjoy with people you love. Even if it's just a few hours doing something with fun with your friends or boyfriend, or spending some time with yourself, maybe having a bath and relaxing, I can assure you that you will feel so refreshed and warm inside that you will most likely laugh at yourself for even thinking things can't get better. 

5. Believe in yourself. I've saved the best and most important for last. If you don't believe in yourself then nothing will happen. Good things won't come to you if you don't seek them. You have to believe that you yourself can achieve want you want to achieve in order for it to become reality. Once I started doing so, everything started to fall into place for me because I was going out there and working for it. 

I am aware that these things will take time, I went through it first hand and I will admit, happiness isn't an over night thing, it does take time but you will get there. I promise. Never give up on yourself!

Happiness is key and it so important.

I hope that these tips have maybe put things into perspective for you, and hopefully they have helped you all!
Let me know any tips you all have to be happy!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

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