Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Highlighter Lights

So today's post is going to be all about the Makeup Revolution Highlighter Lights Palette (as you can tell by the title, thanks for stating the obvious Hannah).
Now if you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution, then where have you been hiding?! They've blown up over the past few months and truly made their mark in the drugstore brands. Such an inexpensive brand but with a high end feel to the quality of the products. 

I made my first order from their stockist SuperDrug a couple of months back now and picked up a few things, but the one main thing that stood out for me was the highlight palette. 

The palette includes 3 powder highlight shades. One is a golden shade, and the other two are more pinky toned. 

I literally can't express how much I love this palette. There's nothing that I don't like about it. What I love doing is actually mixing all three shades together to create the most amazing highlight shade. All three shades compliment my pale skin so well, but I'm sure they would look amazing on any skin tone.

I love how pigmented they are which means that a tiny bit goes a long way but it also means that you can have a subtle highlight one day and a full on look the next, all with the same product. 

Usually with highlights I do notice that by the end of the day they've worn off and aren't noticeable on my skin anymore. But not with this one, oh no. This stuff is like war paint. It does not budge. It's 100% a staple in my makeup bag now. 
I used to swear by Benefit Watts up highlight stick but this Makeup Revolution gem has firmly pushed itself up to the number one spot. 

It's so low maintenance and easy to apply that it can be done in seconds. Just a quick sweep on the cheek bones, down the nose and on the Cupid now and Bob's ya uncle. You're ready to go. 
I find that if my skin is looking super dull and grey, this just brightens up and makes you look more human in seconds.

I apply it with just a cheap eBay brush, nothing special as the product itself does all the talking, it doesn't rely on an amazing brush to make it look good, it just does that itself! 

For the small price tag of £8 you really cannot go wrong. Three highlighters for £8, seriously come on that's insane. I can't fault the palette. Hats off to you Makeup Revolution, you've really out done yourself here!

If you've tried the palette out or any of Makeup Revolution's products that let me know in the comments!

Hannah xxx

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