Thursday, 23 April 2015

£1 Conditioner?!

In terms of condioner, I am always on the hunt for a nourishing and hydrating one that leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny due to my naturally dry, thick, curly hair. 

My natural hair suffers from the stereotypical curly hair syndrome: a straw like frizz bomb and I need to tame it!

I used to swear by VO5 Give Me Moisture  but because I use a hell of a lot of condioner, it was costing a fortune to keep on repurchasing every week or so (I know that's a lot of conditioning being done, shoot me). 
So whilst I was in Poundland the other month, I was just curiously checking out the shampoo and condioner aisle and stumbled across a condioner that sounded ever so promising, but one I had never heard of before, from a brand I hadn't heard of either. And truth be told, that made me feel a teeny bit skeptical. But hey ho I took it to the tills and went home with it.

The brand is simply named 'Argon Oil' and I believe they also do shampoo and hair oils that I am tempted to pick up, after all they're only £1! 
As you can see, it claims to 'rejuvenate and hydrate' the hair whilst leaving it 'shiny, smooth&healthy' and I honestly do agree. After I've used it I find myself constantly playing with my hair because it feels so soft and luxurious without the luxurious price tag! 

Shall we talk ingredients? 
I'll be honest, I rarely check what's in a conditioner; if I like what it does to my hair then I like it. 
Inside this life changer is a mixture of ingredients, and I should have known it was going to be good whilst reading them. 
The obvious due to the brand name, argan oil, and coconut oil stood out to me as I know that they feature in a lot of hydrating conditioners and actually help to tame frizz. And then you reach the chemicals and the shahfadbs-one's. Them ones. I mean check out the final one, try saying that fast! 

I know that a lot of them are probably only good for a short term period, and in the long run damaging, but it doesn't bother me too much. My hair is in such a dry condition that I need every help I can get, and if that's only for a short term, then that's fine with me. 
Look at how it emphasises my curls and brings out the shine whilst taming frizz! Win win to me.

So, the best £1 condioner?! The best condioner?! 100% YES! 

Let me know if you've tried it or have any other condioner that will help me- please! 

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