Sunday, 19 April 2015

Holiday Haul!

Let me just start off with this: Summer is on it's way girls! 
It's official and I'll tell you for why.. My holiday is booked! Me and my boyfriend are off to stay on his uncles boat (Ooo check us out oo la la) in Mallorca in just 6 weeks! So inevitably I had a burst of excitement and went shopping for holiday clothes yaaaay. 

I went to Primark first so I'll start with what I got from there. Whilst doing the standard sweep of the store I stumbled across quite possibly the most amazing maxi skirt ever. It's just full of colour and such an unusual pattern that I can't describe so I'll let you see in the picture for yourself! It almost looks like a watercolour painting.. Gorgeous. It also has slits where each leg will sit which adds a subtle edge to the elegance of the skirt. I could have done with a size down but it's not too bad, I guess it means it'll be extra flowy and cool. 
The photo just doesn't do it any justice!
I saw another gorgeous maxi skirt that was white with purple and pink flowers all over it but they didn't have it in my size booo! But nontheless I can see this skirt blowing up in the blogging community this summer!

Moving onto shoes. I've needed some slip on shoes for a while now as I lived in my Nikes, Converse and boots in winter. I love tan shoes for summer so when I found these I knew I had to have them, and I'm sure they were only £8!
I just think these will look super cute with literally anything, especially a jumpsuit I bought that I'll be showing you in a second! They did come up quite big so I sized down, definitely try on first!

In the beauty section I saw this 'facial cleanser'. But I wasn't interested in for that purpose, I thought it would be a handy little gadget for cleaning makeup brushes because of the friction the little bristles would cause and for only £1.50 if it didn't work I wouldn't have wasted too much. But my hypothesis was correct and it cleans brushes so quick and easy it's incredible!

The final thing (don't worry I'll be going back for a huge spree when I have more time!) was just some sunglasses for £1! I've wanted some round sunglasses for ages as I think they look so cool but I've always worried they won't suit me but when I tried these ones on I fell in love.
If you're on the hunt for some sunnies, head to Primark first before splurging!

I then headed to Asda Living with the intention to buy some bikinis because I find it so hard to find bikinis that actually fit and support my boobs (joys having big boobs!) but I know Asda doing really pretty bikinis in actual bra sizes and for affordable prices so I always head there first. I genuinely found it so hard to control myself and not buy them all, and I finally settled for two. 
The first one is a gorgeous white and pink floral one. I actually bought the full set which I often don't do as I just mix and match, but this was too pretty to not.. And it was only £12 so you can't go wrong.
My eyes then fell on a pair of bikini bottoms with a cute daisy pattern and yellow ties that will go so well with just a plain bikini top.. And they were only £3! So I went on the hunt for a plain top and found this gorgeous Fuschia pink triangle one with almost a crochet effect. This sadly wasn't in bra sizes so I just sized completely up and got a size 16 as I I felt that would cover my bazookas enough!

Little old me then headed to the tills, but obviously got side tracked by the clothes. I'll admit it: 'I Hannah love George at Asda' there I said it, and I am sooo not ashamed. I firstly saw this tiled print,
jumpsuit, and as I said these would look so good with the tanned pumps. It's a lovely material and really loose and flowy but pinches in at the waist, which is great for my hourglass figure. It also has a nice zip detail on the chest area which means it can be easily dressed up or down depending on how much cleavage you fancy showing off!

And just as I told myself to go pay, I found quite possibly the nicest pair of shorts I've ever laid eyes on. They're just a plain navy.. But with a gorgeous little feather design on the bottom corner which adds a hint of colour. 
They'll be perfect for daytime and evening so a great versatile piece to have!

Overall I spent £51 in Asda so an amazing price for some great items!
If you struggle with finding bikini tops to fit your boobs, I 100% recommend Asda as they do a huge range of bra sized ones!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know where you're heading on your jollies!

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