Monday, 13 April 2015

Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation Review

As an oily skin sufferer, I am always on the hunt for matte foundation. I have hunted far and wide over the years for the perfect one and I have found my absolute favourites, but I always welcome in new products to my collection. 

So when I heard about Barry M's 'Flawless Matte Finish' foundation I immediately when out and bought it.
I love Barry M as a brand for many reasons. Their nail varnishes (obviously) but also because they are a cruelty free brand which is actually rare these days. So I had huge expectations for the foundation.. But oh boy was I disappointed! 

It claims to be 'oil free' which I will say it does apply fully matte to the skin (when you can even tell you have it on) but it just feels like you are applying water to the skin which made me feel like it wasn't going to survive my long days, and the air con and heating at work. And I was right. Just a few hours into the day, it was sliding off my face, and not even powder could save it. 

I bought it expecting it to be medium to full coverage as a lot of other matte foundations are, as often oily skin often comes hand in hand with problemed skin. But this foundation is the sheerest, lightest coverage I've ever stumbled across. I honestly couldn't even tell I had applied any after the first two layers, it was only after the third layer that I felt comfortable enough to leave the house. And that is just too time consuming for me to even deal with on a day to day basis! I couldn't actually believe how sheer it was, and how hard it was to build up, especially since it claimed to be 'super blendable' but once I started to blend, the product just blended completely into the skin and almost disappeared. 

I picked up the shade 'Nude 2' which was the second lightest shade and I am normally the lightest shade, so I dread to think how light and sheer the palest shade was!

I was so disappointed with this product, but for lazy days I will use it just to not waste it! 
But if you like light coverage then this foundation could be for you, especially as it's only £5.99.

I've never tried a foundation from Barry M before this, and I don't think I will again. I'll definitely just be sticking to their nail varnishes and lip products!

Hannah xxx


  1. I've heard a lot about Barry M make up, all pretty disappointing reviews. It's a shame, but I love their nail polishes, so that makes up for it! Shame you weren't impressed. Great review, thanks! :)

    Karis //

    1. It's such a shame! I think they've tried to bring out base products recently and it's not worked out, their nail and lip products are amazing though! X