Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pretty In Pink!

For the transition into Spring I have always loved incorporating pink into my makeup looks as I find it just adds a subtle hint of colour but nothing too in your face. 

As I was going through my makeup collection to find some pink to bring back into my life, I noticed that I have a lot of drug store products that deserve some recognition, so I thought I would share these with you all!

The first product is a Maybelline 24HR colour tattoo in the shade 65 Pink Gold. Now you've probably heard about this eye shadow about 100 million times, but I love it to death. I'm onto my second pot of this already: a) because I wore it every day for about 2 months last year and b) they do dry up quite quickly so bear that in mind.
I love how it makes my eyes pop and brighten up a simple look in 2 seconds. Such a great quick and easy product for those rushed mornings.

I've also discovered another way that's a bit different to bring this into your makeup. I've found that it's an amazing dupe for one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. I'm thinking about doing a whole post about this? Let me know if you'd be interested in that!

The next Pink product I love is again, another Maybelline product. (I have two more Maybelline items after this one!)
This one is a lip liner in the colour 132 Sweet Pink. 

The shade is exactly what the name suggests. Just a lovely girly pink, an almost 'your lips but better' shade.
I use this as an everyday liner and I find it just makes any lipstick look amazing. It can be used under any shade of lipstick, so versatile. 

Moving onto another Maybelline Product. Now I'm aware that this isn't actually pink, but the packaging is! It's the Lash Sensational mascara. This stuff is hands down the best mascara at the minute. Nothing compares to it.

 Whenever I'm wearing it, my lashes look so long and voluminous, I love it. Perfect product at such a cheap price!

The final Maybelline product again isn't actually pink, but the bottle kind of is. I just felt like it's a great product for spring/summer. I'm referring to the Flawless Nude foundation. 

It is so lightweight and you can hardly even feel it on the skin, I can't get enough of it. The coverage is great aswell which is always good. The satin finish to it allows you to have a healthy glow in the sunshine too without looking oily.

The penultimate product that I'm going to share with you is by the brand Seventeen. I've always felt that this brand is so underrated. They have so many amazing products that doesn't get anywhere near as much coverage as they deserve. Anyway, I'm going to talk about one of their Cheek Stamps. 

What this product is, is basically a blush that comes with a 'brush'. Except the brush is a stamp. The idea is that you stamp the product onto your cheeks and then blend it out. Quick and easy.  
The only downside is, is that the shades and numbers aren't on the packaging so I can't tell you which one I have, but I'm sure I've mentioned it in a previous post. Anyway, the colour is just a lovely deep pink, but in no way bright or in your face. Just a lovely flushed shade. Whenever I have this on, I feel like my complexion looks a lot healthier and plumper which I love.
I also love that it has a mirror on top so it's handy for on the go.

And finally! The last product is a Bourjouis find. It's actually one of the new Colourband pencil eyeshadow and liner.

 I have the shade 05 Mauve Baroque which is a mix between pink and purple.. Hence the 'mauve' in the name.

I find it to be such a versatile little gem. I often find myself using it all over the lid, or as a liner on it's own or to accompany another shadow on my lid.
As you can see it is a well loved product by me!

It's different to a lot of other things in my collection. It really makes my brown eyes pop aswell which I can't complain about! Definitely a staple in my makeup bag these days! It claims to be water proof and smudge proof and I agree completely. This stuff does not budge at all, stays all day in every weather!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any of these products!

Hannah xxx


  1. Love the colour tattoos, havnt got this shade though. It looks very pretty
    Kirsty x


    1. I bet you have the on and on bronze! I love this shade, so pretty! Lasts all day too x

  2. Loving the pink theme! I really want to try the maybelline tattoo stuff. Everyone seems so love it! Lovely post

    1. They're so good! So cheap aswell, can't really go wrong! Aw thanks lovely!x

  3. I love the Colour Tattoos, they're amazing! I love your blog a lot, loved this post :) x

    Karis //

    1. Aww you're so lovely! Thankyou so much, means a lot! I often find myself reaching for the colour tattoos over my MAC paintpots!