Friday, 17 April 2015

MAC Lipstick Dupes

This post is one for all you lipstick lovers out there, but hey, who doesn't love lipstick really.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I know of a dupe for MAC's Fabby, but my dupe knowledge doesn't stop there, oh no. I know a few more dupes for some of my favourite MAC lipsticks, so I thought I would help out your bank balance and share these with you! 

I'll start with my dupe for MAC Fabby. I'll be honest with you. I've not actually heard many people talk about Fabby, but it's honestly one of my favourite shades from MAC, I reach for it almost every day. It's a Frost finish so it does have a slight sheer to it, but what makes Fabby so different is that it has hints of gold running through it which looks amazing on the lips.
You really feel Fabby when you wear it! (I'm sorry for that awful pun please forgive me)
My dupe for Fabby is actually not a lip product at all. It's a Maybelline 24HR Colour Tattoo in the shade Pink Gold. It is slightly more of a pale pink than Fabby but nontheless, it's a great dupe. I would say to wear a good lip balm underneath as it is quite drying with it being meant to stay on the eyes all day. 

Staying on the pink theme, Topshop and Revlon both do a dupe for MAC's Lovelorn, another great everyday shade to just whack on and go. 

As a Lustre Finish it's quite creamy which is why Revlon's Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake is such a great dupe. The colour is slightly different but on the lips you can't tell, but the texture is exact. 

Topshop's Innocent lipstick is more of the same shade as Lovelorn but again still quite creamy. I reach for these shades on days where I don't really want to wear much but I feel like I need something as they're great subtle shades.

As you can see, all three are quite similar!

Next up, we have MAC's amplified finish- Impassioned. I love this lipstick for nights out or meals or just when I want a bright pop of colour, because let me tell you, this stuff does not budge. It's a beautiful bright Fuschia colour, great for summer.

It also smells amazing, kind of like Kinder Eggs?!

Kate Moss' line for Rimmel stocks a great dupe for Impassioned, shade 02. Again, bright pink with amazing staying power. In the tube they look ever so slightly different, but on the lips, they are exactly the same. 
You can honestly hardly tell the difference between the two.

My final dupe is for MAC's infamous Russian Red. I've spoke about a great dupe for this in a previous post ( so I thought I would share a new dupe discovery as they never go a miss! 
I don't need to speak about Russian Red too much as you all know how much it is raved about, and rightly so too! Just the perfect, teeth whitening red ever. 
Rimmel have done it again on the dupe front, with their Diva Red, which is an exact dupe for Russian Red I can't even tell you. From the tube to lip, everything is the same (except the price!)

Just a perfect deep red for those occasions where only a red lip and attitude will suffice!

I mean come on! Could they be any similar?! (Anyone else read that in Chandler Bing's voice?!)

So there you have it, my MAC's lipstick dupes for you!

If you have any of your own please help a girl out and share in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Hannah xxx


  1. I did actually read that in Chandlers voice without even realising hah. You've found some great dupes, I'll have to keep checking back here if I want a new lipstick!

    1. Hahaha you can't not! It's just instinct now haha. I was just going through my collection and realised I had loads of drugstore lipsticks that are exactly the same as my mac ones. Definitely do, I love a good lipstick! X

  2. What a great selection of mac lipsticks you own...and also such amazing dupes too!!

    Sarah xo || Time To See The Stars

    1. I do love a good mac lipstick! I have more but struggled to find any dupes so if I discover them I will share with you!