Monday, 6 April 2015

Day out at the Aquarium!

As I mentioned in my last day out post, me and my boyfriend try to do new things on our days off to make them more exciting and make memories. So last week we visited the aquarium near us.. Much to my delight. I was honestly so giddy the whole day!

I know a lot of people disagree with places like this and think it's animal cruelty but you can tell all the animals are so looked after there.

There was so many fish and animals.. Even monkeys! (You can imagine how excited I was about that). So I thought I would show you all the pictures I took!


How cute are these fish?! So pretty.

There was also some amazing other animals that I won't lie, I had never heard of before. I can't remember their name but I remember reading that they lie in dark, warm places and sleep all day. I was genuinely jealous of a little animal!

Now onto the best part... MONKEYS!

The monkeys were so tiny and cute, I was honestly so happy to just stand and watch them play and swing from the ropes.. I am a child.

We then got to experience one of the most amazing things I've seen: the Seal Show. We got to see the Seals be fed and dance and wave and aaaah I loved it!

I hoped you enjoyed this post, I know it's a bit short and boring but I had such a great day that I just wanted to share some of it with you all!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

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