Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Prairie Charms Haul

Today I wanted to tell you all about this amazing new jewellery and accessory brand called Prairie Charms.

They kindly got in touch with me to see if I was interested in their collab with the Make A Wish Foundation. So if I bought anything from their website, the money would be donated to Make A Wish. I loved that idea so instantly I was all for it.. A guilt free purchase. I intended to just have a browse and buy one piece.. But their website is FULL of goodies. I actually bought 3 pieces. So I sent my order back to them and they kindly said they would send me some more things as a gift to say thankyou! They wanted to make these gifts personal and something they knew I would love so they actually asked for my favourite colours. They hand picked items that they thought would suit me perfectly. So I was super happy. 

The first pieces that I ordered actually came as a pair. I ordered a lovely lilac chunky necklace, and the same necklace in the orange. These two are super gorgeous I can't even explain. It was the colours that drew me in at first, but as I clicked onto them I noticed that they're so well made. So I instantly knew I had to have them. 

I then scrolled down and noticed this lovely faux suede, tasseled navy necklace. I just thought it was different to everything else I own, not just in the style but in the colour. I've never really seen any nice navy jewellery pieces but this one is so incredible. I can't stop wearing it! 
(Let me introduce you to my boobs, hello)

The final piece that I bought is this gorgeous, dainty little pendant necklace. 
It's a lovely turquoise colour which is one of my favourite colours, so it was a win from go. I haven't actually worn it yet but I am so excited to! It's a lovely delicate piece that will be perfect for spring/summer. 

 As I said, the lovely team gifted me two items along with my order. The first thing they gave me is a really nice monochrome, floral bow hairband*. I use this when applying my makeup every morning to keep my hair out of my face. 
 They also sent me some purple glitter* which I can see myself having so much fun with! I'm either going to experiment with makeup or do some DIY to my room decor or a notebook. Any ideas on what I could do with it? 

I am so delighted with everything I got. But the one thing that I am so delighted with is the service I received from Prairie Charms. They were so lovely to me and offered help in any way they can, and even now they still talk to me on twitter! I honestly can't thank them enough and I urge you to check out their website ( for some amazing pieces. 

I think in total I spent £31 for the three pieces I paid for. It's even better that the money was donated to such a great cause.. Guilt free spending is always the best. 

I just want to add that each individual item was so thoughtfully packaged that it's so obvious that Prairie Charms care about their customers and want them to love their order. 
I will definitely be ordering again from such a wonderful brand!


Lots of love, 
Hannah xxx


  1. Really love the lilac and orange rope necklaces! The colours make them look so much nicer too. They package all their items so prettily too xx

    Through New Eyes x

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they! So happy with all the bits. Aw I know, such a lovely brand! Xx