Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Favourites

I'll start off with the cliché 'I can't believe how fast that month went' just to get it over and done with. But honestly, as if it's April already! This year is flying over and I have mixed feelings towards that.

So anyway, today I have quite a large March Favourites for you all. Throughout March I tried quite a lot of new things for different reasons. One being that my skin changed and I suddenly had an outbreak of dry patches which is a new thing for me completely. But also because a lot of amazing products have been real eased recently and I didn't want.. But I needed them in my life. 

So in we go. Here are all my favourites together for you:
I think I'll start off with Skincare products as I have quite a few to share with you. Now as I said, my skin has just been so dry and horrible recently which is something I've never experienced before. All my Skincare that I own was to target oily skin so I had nothing to get rid of this dryness. Which meant one thing. Shopping! So naturally I went to Boots and scoured all the aisles trying to find a miracle worker. And that I did. Whilst in No7's aisle I noticed a product claiming to be a 'Dry Skin Rescue'.
 I have raved about this so much so I won't go into too much detail. But what I will say is that this works a dream. 

Still on the topic of dry skin, the lovely Emmy from 'Nivea Creme' to me. It's a product that I've heard good things about but had always avoided to me having oily skin. So the next day I went and picked it up. (I'll just add that it so cheap you can't say no!) And that night I put it on and instantly loved it. It's such a thick texture like the No7 so I knew my skin would just lap it up. The next morning my skin felt so hydrated and soft and I put it all down to that product alone.

Still on Skincare, I thought I would dig my Clarins Face Treatment Oil out to try and add some well needed moisture. I mixed it in with the Nivea or No7 cream and just applied it that way rather than letting a pure oil loose on my skin. It's just a lovely cooling oil that does the job whilst also smelling good!

An eye cream that I have been loving in March is Benefit's 'It's Potent!'. This stuff leaves my under eye feeling devine. I also noticed that it reduced puffiness. 
The last of the skin related products is a body moisturiser by Clarins. The 'Moisture Rich Body Lotion with Shea Butter' is incredible. My legs and elbows have been unusually dry recently which I think is down to the cold weather and this product has left them feeling so soft and smooth. I can't stop applying it! 

Moving onto Makeup favourites. You have all probably heard of Maybelline's new Dream Flawless Nude foundation by now. I obviously went and picked it up so I could see what all the fuss is about and I can totally see why a lot of people love it. It is so lightweight that you can hardly feel it on, yet the coverage is still good, I'd say medium. I have mine in shade -0 Ivory and it's a bit dark but not anything too noticeable. I just honestly love it for day to day wear.
To apply this, I've been in love with an ebay or Amazon brush. It came in a set of 10 for about £6 and they are all so good, but this one in particular blends the foundation out so flawlessly it's insane. 
(I don't know either?)

Sticking with Maybelline here. March was the month when I fell in love with a mascara. I think we all know which one I'm talking about.. The 'lash sensational' mascara. This stuff is incredible. No other mascara lengthens, curls and volumises my lashes like this one. It's 100% a staple in my collection for the foreseeable future!
Another makeup, favourite is this Clarins blush. Can you tell that I am a huge lover of Clarins?! I can't stop wearing this shade, 'soft peach 02'. It's just the most gorgeous shade that compliments my skin shade. Such an easy shade to put on every day and know that it's not going to budge or fade.

Another makeup favourite that I've been wearing non stop is MAC's 'Fabby' lipstick. This has a Frost finish that is so gorgeous on the lips. It's a pale pink shade with specks or shimmer in to add that extra something. Seriously guys I am in love and hardly anyone ever talks about this lipstick! 
The final makeup product is the ever famous Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette. This palette includes 3 amazing shades of highlight. One gold shade and two pinky shades. All of them are unbelievably pigmented and they all look lovely on the cheek bones. My favourite is the pink on the far right though! For £6 it's an absolute winner for me!

I stumbled across a cheap little angled brush at the start of the year, but I only just started to realise how great it actually is. I don't know what brand that it is but all I know is that it was cheap and applies my eyebrow powder so well. After going back to an old one when this one was being cleaned, I realised that it is so precise and sharp that the look it creates can't be done with any of my other brushes. Such a bargain and a staple!

The penultimate item is the Garnier Micellar water. This stuff is so good. I just soak a cotton pad and take it all over my face and the products come off with ease. The water is so wet, I know that sounds strange but other waters I have used have dried up quite quickly meaning I needed to use loads. Not with this one! Amazing.

And finally! My last favourite is the cushion seen in the first photo. It's just the fluffiest, softest cushion ever and it was only £4 from Primark! I love how the white contrasts to my other cushions on my bed. You guys need to check Primark's homeware out!

Aaaaand breathe! If you've made it this far, hats off to you! I hope this post wasn't too long and boring! 
If it's inspired you in anyway, leave a comment and let me know please!

Lots of love,
Hannah xxx

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